Special Offer


As promised, I have a special offer for all those interested in my The Book Inside training course: Creating and Publishing Your First Book on Amazon.

But first, some quick background.

In my 70's, I sunk most of my superannuation into a bricks and mortar business that, to cut a long story short, went belly-up but not before I'd drained the rest of my funds to ensure that staff and suppliers were paid what they were owed. After that, I had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. During that period, I learnt how to launch and publish best-sellers on Amazon and how to build successful online businesses. Now I'm ready to teach you how to do the same.

If you haven't yet registered your interest in Creating and Publishing Your First Book on Amazon, please do so now at Register My Interest. This is essential for you to qualify for this special offer. The registration page will open in a new tab so you won't lose your place here.

First up, you'll get what everyone gets in the days and weeks leading up to the launch of the course. These will include free information covering such essentials as how to create your paperback, publishing and pricing your Kindle, creating a stunning cover, choosing a profitable genre, advertising to explode your profits and so on. Many of these will be videos that you can download and watch whenever you want.

But in addition, you'll get a 50% discounted entry into the next training course that I'll be releasing shortly after Creating and Publishing Your First Book on Amazon. It's called Internet Marketing FAST and it will teach you how to build lucrative online businesses.

The course will be launched at a price of $497 but you will be issued with a discount voucher that will entitle you to purchase it on or before the launch date at a 50% discount.