Course Outline

It's All About What You Need

I want to make sure that The Book Inside course Creating and Publishing Your First Book on Amazon addresses all your needs and answers all your questions.

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This will ensure that you have the opportunity to take part in a survey before the course is finalized and launched. The needs and opinions of everyone who's registered their interest will contribute to the final version of the training course.

As It Stands Now

But, we have to start somewhere.

So this is the current course outline, which will be extended, modified and added to as the thoughts and needs of you and people like you are received.

Modules and Lessons

We are looking at a total of 29 lessons (this will change) grouped into 5 modules.

Each module has a number of lessons, designed to be completed in turn. Each lesson is structured like this:

  • A statement of what the lesson is about and the outcome to be achieved.
  • An over the shoulder video that you can follow along to achieve the desired outcome.
  • A slide deck highlighting the essential lesson points.
  • A text explanation of the lesson to read on screen.
  • A downloadable PDF that you can print out.
  • An audio file that you can listen to as often as you wish.
  • A practical exercise for the student to perform and achieve the outcome. Includes the ability to start afresh and take the exercise again.

You will be able to revisit each lesson as often as you like and also download the lessons for offline study.

Module 1: Mastering KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

  • How to open your KDP account
  • How to publish your Kindle book on KDP
  • How to publish your paperback book on KDP

Module 2: Creating Your Masterpiece

  • What genre to choose
  • Fact or Fiction
  • How to format your book
  • Save time by single-sourcing
  • Get your metadata ready
  • How to get someone else to write your book
  • How to edit your book
  • How to create a stunning cover for your book

Module 3: Getting the Structure Right

  • How to structure your non-fiction book
  • How to structure your fiction book
  • Plan your series
  • How to price your book
  • How to promote your book
  • Automate your emails
  • How to advertise your book on Amazon

Module 4: Amazon’s Not the Only Game in Town

  • How to publish your book on Kobo
  • How to publish your book on Barnes & Noble
  • How to publish your book on Apple Books
  • How to publish your book on Google Play

Module 5: Maximizing Your Income

  • Turn your creation into an audio book
  • How to write a captivating blurb for your book
  • The importance of your author profile
  • Amazon’s royalty payments explained
  • Outsourcing everything
  • Advance reader copies
  • Create a box set